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Oportunidade de Bolsa PÓS-DOC

  • Publicado: Sexta, 03 de Agosto de 2018, 13h21
  • Última atualização em Sexta, 03 de Agosto de 2018, 13h27
The NGEE-Tropics project in LBNL’s Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division is seeking a NGEE-Tropics Data Postdoctoral Scholar to investigate processes associated with the large-scale forest-atmosphere exchange of carbon, water, and energy in Amazonia.  
A central focus of this work is the study of mechanistic process-level controls on these exchanges and how they respond to moisture and temperature stress. 
The opportunity is highly integrative, involving large and diverse datasets, many spanning multiple decades from multiple sites, including tower-based eddy covariance fluxes, meteorology, soil hydrology, and plant ecophysiology.  Results will greatly improve our understanding of how processes operating from the deep-soil to upper-canopy impact forest-atmosphere interactions in tropical forests. 
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